Trump’s Travel Ban – The Backlash Against Subsidizing Refugees

Over the past few years, it’s become a popular move amongst Western governments, specifically those under socialist governance, to engage in and encourage “taking in” refugees from Middle-Eastern countries. They cite the human characteristic of “altruism” and that it’s the duty of a Western government to take in these desperate, war-torn, and impoverished people. They also lambaste and and harangue countries that do not share the same sentiment, saying that they’re being pig-headed and that they aren’t doing their “fair share”. 

PM Justin Trudeau Meeting with Chancellor Angela Merkel at the G20 Summit in Turkey (November 16th, 2016)

However, what people like Angela Merkel and Justin Trudeau purposely fail to discuss, or even acknowledge, is the fact that this action of importing refugees, housing them, giving them employment, and allowing these refugees virtual immunity from the laws of their own country is nothing more than a move to placate to the so-called “White Guilt” of their constituents, excusing and burying the fact that they were involved in the violent displacement of these people, and to encourage a more prominent presence of the welfare state in the lives of their people. They do not care about the economic or socio-political ramifications of their actions, on the side of their own country or of the countries they bring these refugees from, nor do they care about the undeniably massive outcry of their own people against these actions. Serving as the political manifestation of the modern-day left, their only interest is appearing to care about the interests of these refugees.

We all know people who are like this, the ones who claim to care about the children in Africa. The people who talk about joining the Peace Corps., taking part in organizations like UNICEF to offer relief to countries in need, taking to their virtual soapboxes on social media to chastise those who they deem to be apathetic to the humanitarian causes they hold dear, yet never quite do much beyond “Talking the Talk”. This is the kind of behavior that governments take advantage of, those who talk about doing their part to save others in an effort to make themselves feel better. It’s proven to be extremely effective, in regards to the creation, continuance in funding, and expansion of both state and federal agencies! They shroud these Orwellian efforts to dictate every aspect of our lives by saying, “It’s for your own good! Think of the children and the future we should be building for them! Don’t you care at all about those less fortunate and can’t afford to do what we can?” This perpetual guilt-tripping tactic has been the unceasing “broken record” for decades now and people are starting to finally get sick of it.

Anti-Immigrant Protests in Germany after refugees had assaulted and raped native Germans on New Year’s Eve.

In a medley of those who show resentment of those coming from a Middle-Eastern nationality and those who simply cry out against refugees that commit atrocities against their fellow countrymen, people are uniting not only against the refugees that are coming into their country, but against the very people who are subsidizing their being there. It’s become abundantly apparent, now more than ever, that the once seemingly dovish left has now become the hawkish war-mongers they once decried as barbaric. They’ve taken note of the duplicitous role their leader take in pledging to take in more refugees while continuing to bomb their country into oblivion and fund “rebel factions” to continue placing the remaining people of these countries in a state of chaos and fear. Furthermore, they also take note of how the state has taken an active hand in giving jobs, basic necessities, and other things to these refugees at the cost of the taxpayer and of business owners, in spite of the economic repercussions.

Now a prominent figurehead in global politics, President Donald J. Trump is vocalizing this feeling of resentment from those who understand the socio-economic and socio-political consequences of the systematic subsidization of refugees by signing an executive order that places a limited ban on immigration from set countries. People like Milo Yiannopoulos, heading a “culturally-libertarian”, right-wing movement, are speaking out against those who would support further efforts to bring in more refugees in the West. Countless people have spoken out against a controlling, vindictive left for trying to guilt them into submission.

Is this, overall, a bad thing to have happen in the United States? Should we give the benefit of the doubt to refugees coming into our country, welcome them with open arms, and give them the “help” of the resources, education, and job placement opportunities provided by the US welfare system? I would put forward that Trump putting a stop to efforts by Congress to allow this endless cycle to be funded by the taxpayer is a very good thing. My reservations in this subject lies in the knowledge that Trump and members of his staff are still geared towards war with the countries these refugees are fleeing from in an effort to defeat ISIS. The simple solution to the problem in the Middle-East is to stop interfering in their affairs, put an end to the decades-long genocide of these people, and let them rebuild. The aggressive intervention of the West in the Middle-East has created several generations that regard western nations as monsters. Giving these people time, allowing them to rid government-backed militias like ISIS on their own, and letting them rebuild their country is the only way to put an end to the violence.


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