Creating Dialogue: An Open Letter to the Left

I’ve never been one to enjoy having arguments of any sort, between another person and myself. The point of an argument, it seems, has always been one side attempting to dominate the other through various tactics and whoever forced the other person to submit to those tactics was the winner. I believe in calm, civil discussion, just like I know many of you do as well.

In my personal life, I’ve had many intelligent, enlightening, and even fun conversations with those who share your political perspectives. Even if I were to disagree on a point, I could always find a way to agree with them or learn from them, in some way, on another. My endgame in those conversations was never to “win” or to try to make the other person understand that “my way was the right way”, but to try to understand them better on an individual level.

Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs

That’s all that any person wants out of a conversation, to be heard, understood, and to have the other person engage them in a civil, non-combative manner. When it comes down to the core of things, we’re all just people trying to climb up Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and trying to get the most we can out of life. My being an Anarcho-Capitalist would never stop me from recognizing that aspect of life and that you all are fellow human beings, trying to squeeze a dollar out of a dime like the rest of us.

Where we differ is in how and why we want to approach making our world a better place to live in, but those differences are what make us human. I get that stories of how J.K. Rowling survived off of the U.K. government’s welfare, writing what would be the Harry Potter series on napkins, and managed to rise above it all can be inspiring. I understand your reasoning behind keeping welfare going and that it’s become the life-support system of minorities in the United States who can’t seem to get a good, stable job anywhere or start their own business.

The Code of Hammurabi

Even though AnCaps, myself included, tend to make fun of the left and how the media portrays them, I wouldn’t even think about belittling you when you’re just trying to talk to me. I try to uphold what in means to be an Anarcho-Capitalist and a Voluntarist, to value all human life and the core values that humankind has held for thousands of years. Both sides of the fence understand that things are inexcusably corrupt and vile in our world, as well as the fact that there must be some sort of action taken to try and repair the damage that has been done.

What I, personally, would like to offer is my own olive branch to all of you. It would be extremely hypocritical of me to play the “Moral High Ground Card”, when many people in my community and I have and continue to lump you all into a category of being greedy, self-absorbed, entitled brats with little understanding of reality. My being an advocate for human rights and to uphold the morals and ethics I hold dear compel me to not only extend that advocacy to those I politically agree with, but to every human being in existence. Not agreeing with you on arguments you make is no excuse, by any means, to brush aside my values and treat you as if you were sub-human.

“No person, no place, and no thing has any power over us, for ‘we’ are the only thinkers in our mind. When we create peace and harmony and balance in our minds, we will find it in our lives.” – Louise L. Hay

If any of you want to know things about my views on Anarcho-Capitalism or the morals and ethics I hold, I gladly encourage you to ask. The only thing I ask, which I charge myself with as well, is to engage me like you would any other person in your day-to-day life. Keep things civil, calm, and non-presumptuous of what principles and values I hold and I will be sure to extend that same courtesy to you. I would also ask members of my community, the Anarcho-Capitalists, to promote the same kind of attitude when engaging on conversation online or in person. To treat them like you would your brothers and sisters in anarchy, even if they may not reciprocate that same respect to you. That way, we can all diffuse the ticking time bomb that has become the schism in our culture and maybe start to have meaningful conversations, instead of sniping at and brazenly fight each other.


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