The Moment We Can’t Let Slip Through Our Fingers

For the first time in decades, what the globalist media deemed impossible is finally happening. Fed up with years of social change at the expense of growth, Westerners across the United States and Europe have started electing Right Wing leaders.

     The loosely affiliated band of classically liberal and neoconservative groups; libertarians, anarchists, and the Alt-Right, all stand poised to take rhetoric espoused for years in online forums and infuse it into the political mainstream.

The Labour Party during the motioning and passing of the timetable for Brexit

The Labour Party during the motioning and passing of the timetable for Brexit

Starting with Brexit, and continuing with the election of President Donald Trump, the “red-pilling” of the West continues with elections in Germany, France, and Austria. German president Angela Merkel has been forced to backtrack on her pro-immigrant rhetoric under the threat of AfD (Alternative for Deutschland). In France, the National Front, led in its charge by presidential candidate Marine Le Pen, is gaining broad public support as a response to decades of liberal leadership. For the first time in Austria’s history, Far Right candidate Norbert Homer won nearly thirty percent of the country’s vote.

      Yet, we must not become complacent in our progress. Though it is easy to mistake political victory with a turn in public opinion, the moderate voter does not consider this to be an ideological shift in their country’s political future. Rather, this is a sort of trial period, a time for conservative ideals to be put to the test in the real world, especially in Europe, a continent that seems resigned to the tenets of socialism and cultural Marxism.

      Regardless of what victory you feel you achieved in your country this election season, the time has come for anarchists and right wing affiliated groups to make their voice heard across the world.

Marine Le Pen

“To widen the margin of success, we must make our voices heard in the battlefield of European politics…”

It’s easy to see the bias against our cause. Media outlets don’t even try to conceal their leftist biases, choosing to instead engage in an ideological war using the power of information and their control over the narrative. With the reality of their political landscape warped by journalistic agendas, it can be discouraging to continue a fight that’s already being portrayed as futile.

      Fortunately for us, this is the age of information. This is the age where a single online comment can have as much sway as an international media outlet worth billions. Despite how silly it may seem, not even the most seasoned political commentator can ignore what the Alt-Right calls “meme magic”, and the potent effect online discourse can have.

      This is no time for celebration, rather it is the beginning of an uphill battle. Combating the media’s narrative is paramount in this “trial period” of conservative ideals. Though many of you already do your part in this regard, our moral obligation runs deeper. It’s not enough to call out CNN’s misinformation. To widen the margin of success, we must make our voices heard in the battlefield of European politics. The campaign of Marine Le Pen represents the next opportunity we have to expand our way of thinking, and anyone who can should participate how they see fit, regardless of your country of origin.



Chandler is a 24 year old novelist and blogger from Oklahoma City. In his free time, he enjoys drinking excessively and ranting about the evils of communism.


Written by Chandler Ogle

Originally posted on VolAnarchist

Posted February 21st, 2017



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