The Trans Community vs The State

Transgender issues has become the topic of popular discussion recently, due to President Donald Trump’s decision to overturn an Executive Order given by former president Barack Obama, which forced public schools nationwide to allow students to use whatever bathroom facilities they feel comfortable using in accordance with whichever gender they identify as. People are equating this decision by the Trump administration as a violation of civil rights and as a promotion of discrimination against transgender people.

Various professors of psychology, such as Professor McHugh of the John Hopkins School of Medicine, have come out against those that advocate sex reassignment surgery and hormone treatment with minors, saying it is the equivalent to child abuse. He cites studies that claim that 98% of males and 88% of females that identify as the opposite gender during puberty accept their biological gender after puberty. 

In spite of what studies and members of the psychological and psychiatric community say, many have taken this to be an attack on trans people, claiming that the studies are a blight to the academic community and that they are promoting the discrimination of transgendered individuals, who “face discrimination and prejudice on a daily basis”. Singer Jackie Evancho, who sang at the inauguration, has come out along with her trans sister, Juliet Evancho (formerly Jacob Evancho), urging President Trump to listen to them and the plight of her sister, who she says faced discrimination daily for being transgendered.

All of this is a very familiar story and it all has a root cause as to why this is such a major issue. This is the same issue that minorities have faced and those of various sexual orientation have faced within public schools and in government-owned facilities. Its almost hilarious how very few, on any side of the spectrum, have pointed out that its government at fault for being the catalyst of such segregation and systematic discrimination of the individual.

Just like with the issue of African Americans being allowed access to public schooling, with gays gaining the same marital “rights” as straight couples do, the transgendered community is faced with the same wall of government intervention everyone else does. It was never that all Americans didn’t want African Americans to have the same treatment as whites, it was never that all Americans thought that gays shouldn’t be allowed to get married, and it isn’t the case with the transgender community. Its that government has and always will be in non-compliance with the individual rights and freedoms of the citizens it governs.

There were and are plenty of people who have always been welcoming and loving of the black community, allowing them in their homes, business practices, and their churches just as there were and are plenty of people that care about the gay community being able to be married and be able to adopt, see their spouses in hospitals, file insurance paperwork and leave wills behind, and live their lives like straight couples. The beef has always been with government and their unwillingness to adapt to market and societal demands.

Businesses have, for years, had individual bathrooms that catered to the use of either sex and have never discriminated against their customers for using those bathrooms, no matter their gender. Even in the past decade, with the transgender community becoming more prominent in the public light, some businesses have adopted policies that welcome trans people to use whatever facility they prefer. So its not an issue of everyone in the US being bigoted and against those who identify as transgender, but an issue of government sticking its nose in places it doesn’t belong in.

This has always been the issue and whenever there’s some societal issue at play, one of the first places it manifests itself as a major issue is in the public school system. No matter what the school system teaches children about tolerance, diversity, and issues with acceptance of minorities and the LGBTQ community, it always seems that the public school system is the prime example of government entities promoting segregation, discrimination, and intolerance for anyone that differs from the norm.

The issue of whether or not being transgendered is something for society to accept or to treat as an illness is irrelevant in this conversation, no matter how those supporting or against the idea try to distort things. What matters is that government, once again, is showing how it wants to dominate and control the lives of the individual, no matter their race, wealth status, sexual orientation, or by their gender. Just like any schoolyard bully, the state will find anything they can to shake you down and make you its target to beat down.


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